If you are planning to pursue your education in Denmark, then Green Card Denmark will guide you on how to get this visa. If you are a European Union resident or Swiss Citizen, then you do not need any visa to study in Denmark. However, the candidates who don’t fall into this category and want to study in Denmark need to apply for residence permit.

Denmark is on the top position of Education Index of United Nations and Danish qualifications are noted across the world. Education institutions in Denmark offer array of courses in Information Technology, business, biotechnology, renewable energy, pharmaceutical development and others. For studying in Denmark, individuals need to browse through different degrees offered by institutions, select a course, and check its admission requirements and tuition fees. There are several programmes in Denmark that are conducted completely in English.

To become a student in Denmark, an applicant can –

  • Enroll in Degree programmes
  • Enroll in Exchange programmes
  • Enroll in summer schools and short-term programmes

There are three different categories for this visa. These are:

  • Higher Educational Programme: This is the visa for those who have been admitted to higher education programme which has been approved by the state authority in Denmark. For this visa you need to first pay the fees of one term to the college/university and also have proficiency in English to study there if your course will be in English language.
  • Basic and Youth study programme:This is for young children who have been enrolled in the course which is approved by the state authority. The students need to take care of their finances all by themselves as Denmark Government will not provide any help in this aspect to overseas students. Apart from this, you also need to have a guardian who will sponsor you for your studies.
  • Educational programme in Folk High School: These are the courses which are offered by a folk high school which has been approved by the state authority. The head of the school should state that an applicant is eligible for this course or say that he can apply for this course without the state sponsorship.

To study in Denmark, you need to have residence permit for Denmark if you are not a citizen of EU/EEA member states. For making the visa application, information needs to be supplied by the applicant and education institute where applicant is taking admission. Application can be made from the country of origin of the applicant or from Denmark. In case of latter, applicant should be legally staying in Denmark and possess residence permit. Foreign students studying in Denmark can work while studying. Government of Denmark allows students to work for 15 hours a week during school. They can work full time in summer holidays or after finishing their course. Student visa holders can bring their cohabiting partner and children under age of 18 years to Denmark. Applicant needs to have sufficient money to support his partner and children.

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