New Danish Green Cards Norms under Criticism

On October 22, 2014 the Danish Green Card Association (DGCA) organized a conference to discuss the impact of new political reforms in the Green Card scheme on present Green Card holders. Various high profile political figures and media personalities were part of the conference. Most of the attendees highly criticized the new reforms.

The Danish government in agreement with several major political parties introduced the new reforms in Green Card Scheme in June 2014. Notable changes under the reforms include, shortening the validity of Green Card visa, tightening the language competency requirements and introducing stringent requirements for visa extension.

The new laws will not only make the visa approval more difficult but will also impact thousands of immigrants residing in Denmark on Green Card. Media coordinator for DGCA Muhammad Abu Sayeed told press before the conference, “There are so many people already integrated who have a life here now, but they will have to leave because the new laws are retroactive.”

Now DGCA will also organize a peaceful protest in front of Danish Parliament against the new reforms on November 3, 2014.

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