Different Study Programs in Denmark


As Denmark has emerged as a new job destination in Europe, people from around the world are getting to know the world class education system they have here. According to arecent, Denmark education system was ranked12th in the world. Besides, the number of foreign students coming to study in Denmark has already reached 30,000 per year and continues to increase.

Apart from its standard of education and highly developed infrastructure, it is the privileges Danish government provides that attracts students from around the world. For instance, if a student is a citizen of a European Union (EU) country, or has come to Denmark under an exchange student program then he need not submit the tuition fee for a number of courses. In addition, government offers several scholarship/funding programs to financially assist foreign students who have to pay tuition fee.

Non-EU citizens need to obtain permanent residence permit in Denmark to study here. Depending on the level of study, there are three ways to get education in Denmark.

Higher Educational Programs

These programs include all the post senior-secondary education qualifications. To get residence permit in Denmark under this category, you need to first get admitted in a higher education course approved by government. You need to have vocational knowledge of the language in which your course is being conducted, which may be Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German. In case you are required to submit the tuition fee, then you need to prove that you have sufficient funds for your studies.

The length of your residence permit will depend upon the duration of your course. In addition, you will be granted a 6 months extension after your course is completed. You can also bring your dependent family members to Denmark, as well as work in Denmark for 15 hours a week.

Basic and Youth Study Programs

To study in Denmark under this category, you first need to get admitted in a basic or youth study course approved by the government. The validity of residence permit under this category is one year, which is without any work permits. Also your family members cannot accompany you to Denmark. In case you are applying for high school studies then you need to meet one of the following criteria.

  • You are under a student exchange program
  • Your year of study in Denmark is in the continuation of a high school program you started in your home country
  • This is your first year of your high school studies and you will continue rest of your education in your home country

Folk High Schools

This category is for those who have been admitted in a Danish folk high school such as housekeeping and needlecraft schools. Residence permit under this category depends upon the duration of the course. An extension of 18 months can also be given after your course is completed. Working in Denmark and bringing family members are not allowed under this category.

Getting education in Denmark can add great value to your overall development. Besides, it will also provide you the experience of living in a healthy and peaceful environment.

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